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Enhancing Agricultural Sustainability: The Role of Intercropping in the Planting for Export and Rural Development Initiative



The Jaman South Municipal Assembly, through the Department of Agriculture, has distributed around 2500 coconut seedlings as part of the government’s Planting for Export and Rural Development initiative.
Representing the Assembly, Honorable Andrews Bediako, the MCE, and Mr. Joseph Kamache Waja , the Municipal Director of Agriculture, urged farmers from all farming zones within the Municipality to embrace intercropping techniques. This approach ensures a steady supply of produce throughout the year, meeting market demands effectively.

Highlighting the government's commitment to agriculture, Honorable Andrews Bediako emphasized the significant investment made in the sector. Under his leadership, thousands of cashew seedlings have been distributed for free, and now coconut seedlings are being added to enhance farming opportunities.

He stressed the importance of making agriculture attractive to ensure the country's future prosperity. This involves not only providing necessary inputs but also offering technical support through the Directorate and increasing the number of Extension officers nationwide.

Honorable Andrews Bediako expressed his dedication to overseeing the successful planting of the seedlings, working closely with the diligent Agricultural Director. He reiterated the government's pledge to bolster the agricultural sector to meet global standards.

Acknowledging the efforts of the Municipal Agricultural Director, he pledged continued support to ensure the success of the project. This aligns with the President's vision of empowering farmers in the tree crop industry to bolster foreign exchange earnings and foster national growth.


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