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The First Ordinary Meeting of the 9th Assembly of Jaman South Municipal Assembly


The Municipal Assembly Hall in Drobo buzzed with anticipation as stakeholders and officials gathered for the First Ordinary Meeting of the First Session of the 9th Assembly of Jaman South Municipal Assembly. The atmosphere crackled with the energy of civic duty and responsibility as members took their seats.
Members Present:
- Municipal Chief Executive
- Municipal Coordinating Director
- Hon. Presiding Member
- Hon. Member of Parliament
- Hon. Assembly Members
- Heads of Department
- Media Representatives
- IT Team


The agenda was comprehensive, touching on various crucial issues affecting the municipality. Here are the key points discussed during the meeting:
1. Report from Ghana Parliament by the Member of Parliament Okofo Darta:**

The Member of Parliament, Okofo Darta, provided a comprehensive report on the proceedings and developments at the Ghana Parliament, highlighting key legislative initiatives and national policies relevant to the Jaman South Municipality.
2. MCE Sessional Address:
The Municipal Chief Executive delivered a sessional address covering a wide array of topics vital to the municipality's progress and development:
a. Introduction:
The MCE welcomed all attendees and set the tone for the meeting, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and collective effort in driving positive change.
b. Internally Generated Fund (IGF):
An overview of the municipality's IGF and strategies for enhancing revenue generation were discussed, underscoring the need for sustainable financial management.
c. District Assembly Common Fund (DACF):
Updates on the allocation and utilization of the DACF were provided, highlighting transparency and accountability in resource allocation.
d. Security Situation in the Municipality:
The MCE addressed concerns regarding the security landscape, outlining measures to enhance safety and peace within the municipality.
e. Court Case between Mpuasu Japekrom and the Jaman South Municipal Assembly:
Updates on ongoing legal proceedings and efforts to resolve disputes amicably were shared, emphasizing the importance of conflict resolution mechanisms.

**f. Decentralization (substructures):**
Plans for strengthening decentralization and empowering local governance structures were discussed, aiming to improve service delivery and community participation.
g. Completion of the 3-Story Administration Block Complex at Drobo:
Progress on infrastructure projects, including the completion of the Administration Block Complex, was highlighted, signaling commitment to enhancing administrative efficiency.
h. District Assembly Common Fund Responsive Factor Grant (DACF-RFG) Releases:
Efforts to expedite the release and utilization of DACF-RFG funds for targeted development projects were outlined, focusing on timely implementation and impact assessment.
i. End if Service Emoluments for Hon. Assembly Members (Ex.Gratia):
Discussions on the provision of end-of-service emoluments for Hon. Assembly Members underscored the importance of recognizing their contributions and ensuring financial security post-service.
j. Progress of Projects:
Updates on ongoing projects across various sectors, including infrastructure, agriculture, and social welfare, were provided, showcasing tangible progress and outcomes.
k. Improvement on the Telecommunication Facilities in the Municipal:
Initiatives to enhance telecommunications infrastructure to foster connectivity and communication within the municipality were discussed, addressing digital divide challenges.
l. Realignment of communities in Jaman North Police District to Jaman South Administration Area:
Plans for administrative realignment to optimize service delivery and resource allocation were presented, aiming to streamline governance and address jurisdictional complexities.
m. Green Ghana Programme for 2024:
The municipality's participation in the Green Ghana Programme, aimed at promoting afforestation and environmental conservation, was highlighted, emphasizing the importance of environmental sustainability.
n. Planting for Food and Jobs Phase II:
Efforts to support agricultural productivity and food security through the implementation of Planting for Food and Jobs Phase II were discussed, focusing on farmer empowerment and market access.
o. Distribution of Mango and Coconut Seedlings to Farmers:
Initiatives to support agribusiness and diversify agricultural production through the distribution of mango and coconut seedlings to farmers were outlined, promoting income generation and livelihood resilience.
p. Ghana Productivity Safety Net Project:
The municipality's involvement in the Ghana Productivity Safety Net Project, aimed at enhancing social protection and poverty reduction, was discussed, emphasizing inclusivity and empowerment.
q. Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty Programme (LEAP):
Updates on the implementation of LEAP, a social intervention program targeting vulnerable households, were provided, highlighting efforts to alleviate poverty and promote social inclusion.
r. Persons Living With Disability (PWDs):
Initiatives to enhance support and inclusion for persons living with disabilities were discussed, focusing on accessibility and empowerment to improve quality of life.
s. Health:
Updates on healthcare services and interventions, including disease surveillance and health promotion, were shared, emphasizing the municipality's commitment to public health.
t. Updates on Monkey Pox:
Efforts to address the outbreak of monkeypox and mitigate its spread through surveillance, vaccination, and public awareness campaigns were discussed, prioritizing community health and safety.
u. Maternal Death in 2024:
Concerns regarding maternal mortality rates and strategies to improve maternal healthcare access and outcomes


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