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LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT 1993, ACT 462 SECTION 64 (1) states that;

“Every person shall, before constructing a building or other structure or undertaking any work obtains a permit from the district planning authority which shall contain such conditions as the Municipal Planning authority may consider necessary”.

This page provides a guide to the procedure and requirement for doing outdoor advertisement in the Jaman South Muncipal Assembly. Procedures;

1. SMA’s application forms in quadruplicate can be obtained from The Assembly Revenue Unit.

2. Applications forms duly completed by registered advertisers / applicants shall be submitted to JSMA  for site inspection and consideration for approval by the necessary committee.

3. Applicants are then expected to pay the prescribed fee and obtain an official receipt.

4.  Applicants would then have to mount the adverts under the supervision of an Officer of the Municipal Works Department and a sign-off.

5. All adverts within the confines of public transport terminals and recreational grounds such as airports, sport stadium, are to attract a lump sum free, subject to Our fee-Fixing resolution and Policy decision.

Distinction of Billboard Types

1. First Party Signs - Owner of structure is being advertised. Structure usually on owners business premises.

2. Third Party Signs - Owner of structure advertising products and/or services of another party.

Billboard fees are based on the size of the billboard and the fee can be found in the fee-fixing resolution.


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